Windows 8 Hints & Tips

Over the past few weeks we have been using the new Windows 8 operating system. In this post we would like to share a few hints & tips with navigating your way around the new tablet style start screen and a few other new layout changes.

Where is the start button?

The start button has been with us on Windows since the early days of GUI (Graphical User Interface) Windows. With the launch of Windows 8 it’s hidden – but not gone! There are three easy ways to use the “Start Button”.

  1. Move your cursor to the bottom left corner of your screen (where the button used to be) and it will appear.
  2. Simply press the “Windows” key on your keyboard
  3. Move your cursor to either the top right or bottom right corner of the screen. A vertical bar will appear down the right edge of the screen with a series of icon button – the middle one of which is the “Start Button”

It is also possible using a registry hack to bring back the start button, however this is out of the scope of this article and we wouldn’t recommend changing altering the registry unless you know what you are doing.

The Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 search screen

Once you are on the start screen you will notice that all of your programs are now arranged as tiles rather than a simple list as in previous versions of windows.

One thing you will realise with Windows 8 that you will use the search facility much more than in older version of Windows. To search simply start typing whilst on the start screen and your result will appear.

You can filter your search results on the right hand toolbar.

From these filtering options you can even search within applications that are installed on your PC, simply by clicking on the relevant tile in the list.

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Computer Health Check

We have just launched our new Computer Health Check service!

Our computer health check service will provide you with a detailed report on the status of your computer or laptop. A clean up of unwanted temporary files. A clean up inside the case to keep your computer as dust free and cool as possible. Virus protection and Windows updates and more.

We will also provide you with hardware upgrade recommendations and can also offer great prices on Internet Security products.

This service is available to new and existing customers. We operate within the Norwich area.

For more information about our computer health check service click here or call 0845 388 0916.

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Which Web Browser?

Have you ever heard people talking about which web browser they use and wondered what they are talking about? In this article we will hope to give you an understanding.

What is a web browser?

Web browser logos

A web browser is a piece of software that runs on your computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet that allows you to view website pages. All of the mainstream browsers that we will discuss in this article are free.

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New Website Design

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The content has been refreshed, the look has been refreshed and we have made it more interactive. We hope to add much more content in the very future to help our customers get the best information and help from us!

For those of you are interested, our new website is built on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies.  For a better browsing experience we recommend that you visit Browser Update and update your browser or install a new web browser. See our post on web browsers if you need help deciding on which browser to choose.

If you are looking for a new website design yourself or need your current website improving slightly please head over to our contact page and get in touch!

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