Computer Repair

Genisoft can offer you various computer repair and laptop repair services in Norwich and the surrounding areas.

Computer Repair – What to expect?

computer repairIf you use our computer repair service you can expect very good service. We can arrange for collection and drop off of your computer (call to discuss). Collection and drop off may incur a small travel charge.

We can repair most issues (big or small) with your computer and will always provide you with the cheapest price that we can possibly offer.

So whether your problem is hardware or software related we will have the solution!

If you would like to take advantage of our computer repair service. Call us on 0845 388 0916 or visit the contact us page for further contact details.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Have you suddenly realised that your PC or laptop is running much slower than usual? This could be due to malicious software running in the background. Viruses and Spyware can be very damaging to your data and can also be used to steal sensitive data from your computer.

We can remove most viruses and spyware/malware from your computer without losing any of your data.

We can also recommend and supply you with excellent Internet Security products to keep you safe from future attacks! These are no obligation quotes, of course! Virus and spyware removal is included on our computer health check service. To find out more about our computer health check service click here.

Memory Upgrades

Another cause of your computer running slowly is an insufficient amount of RAM(memory) and may benefit from a memory upgrade. memory upgradeAt Genisoft we will take a look at your computer or laptop and give you a free quote for your memory upgrade. All parts will be brand new and fully compatible with your computer. If we believe that you won’t benefit from a memory upgrade then we will recommend against it with our reasons why.

Call us on 0845 388 0916 or visit the contact us page for further contact details.

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